Sunday, February 5, 2012

The weekend

Well I spent most of the weekend just writing up a story line and creating characters( also giving them backgrounds and a past). Now I have two stories that I'm working on at once which both take place in completely different era's, Should be interesting to see how fast I get my characters mixed up. Now it is tea time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day two : D

So I decided to teach  myself a song that seems moderately easy and fun to play. Problem is I can't tune a guitar worth crap and when I play it sounds fine but not right. So here we go have to rush this one if I want it to count for todays blog. Well let's see, I haven't slept yet its been quite a few hours since I last slept but im trying to fix this sleeping pattern of mine again. I have practiced the finger placements and the notes for the song im learning and im better at it but yet again the guitar does not sound good. So far today has been a good day. Hopefully tomorrows post will be a bit more filling than this one now I will go watch Baccano! while I fix my computer.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today is a start.

I wanted to write a blog on the first of the month but I was too tired and busy to really do any thing about it. So I decided that I would fill you in on what happened just so I can say I at least have the first of the month recorded.

So on new years day at say around 12:01 am my ex-girlfriend who I spent all day with decided she wanted to be my first kiss of the year. Which in turn made me very happy since I do still have feelings for her. She also has some feelings for me, which I am okay with since I do wish to someday be with her again, but for now she wishes to figure things out so we will remain friends which I am 100% okay with cause I would rather have her as a friend than not have in my life at all. Who else will I talk to about the problems I tell no one else about?

This morning at about 12 am, my friend Hanisi and I decided that we would watch this weird show called Archer. It is very odd and has many sexual innuendos and sexual content, I don't normally enjoy these kind of shows since it kinda disgusts me but I will say it was kind've funny in its own odd way. We watched a few episodes of the show then decided that it was getting late and so we watched a movie called Splice. It was a very boring and disturbing movie. There was no killing at all until the very end, it had a some sort Freudian thing involved in it, don't take my word on it but it seemed as though it did. He passed right out and I was awake till 6 and was awoken by his alarm clock at 11 so I am very tired while writing this so it will not be too interesting to read ( also since I don't really live an extraordinary life ). So now I am going out to eat with my family which I don't really do, like, well... ever. So yeah this should be fun.